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** I am trash ** Brit living in Germany. Apparently I write now?


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Chances are you’ll feel attacked by this article. If you do, then there’s a high probability you may have a drinking problem.

Imagine an alcoholic. Is it a homeless person, passed out on a bench, an empty bottle thrown to the side?

Now flip the script. There’s a person sitting in front of their TV. They have a lovely house, solid career, family. This person also drinks (almost) every day. What do you think, is this person an alcoholic? Maybe this person is you.

Society has told you the latter is normal, that it is acceptable. Adverts and movies have…


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Drunk Liam was an asshole.

Over time I started believing it was just personality. It wasn’t until I became sober that I realised it was a lie. There have been far too many times I’ve said something drunk and regretted it the following day. Admit it; you’ve done the same.

We wake up with a belly fully of shame and a head full of hungover regret. All because we couldn’t keep our drunk mouths shut. We’ve destroyed many friendships and relationships all because we have a toxic relationship with alcohol. Alcohol takes control and forces our mouths to say stupid…

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Out, out, brief candle!

Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player

That struts and frets his hour upon the stage

And then is heard no more; it is a tale

Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,

Signifying nothing. — William Shakespeare

At its core, lone must realise that life is nothing; it is meaningless. Once you have accepted this, only then can you lead a fulfilling life.

You stop chasing random things and feelings, the rat race stops, and the power returns to you. The need to have meaning in life leads you to become inherently…


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You’ve spent your life as a drunken mess. Now you believe that alcohol is needed to have fun.

This is society’s biggest lie. Forcing many to carry on drinking because our drunk counterparts don’t want to be labelled as boring. The fear of rejection is genuine and scary, forcing many to carry on drinking unwillingly.

As Annie Grace says, “Alcohol is the only drug on Earth you have to justify *not* using.”

You worry about becoming sober for this very reason and carry on drinking to avoid having to justify your choice. I understand the situation you’re in, I drank…

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Pussy, weak, pansy, boys don’t cry, sissy.

If you’re a man who’s grown up in England, then I’m sure you’ve been called a few of these. These statements force men to suppress their emotions.

We have learnt that asking for help is a sign of weakness, “man up or shut up” is a common phrase I heard through my childhood. Now we associate seeking assistance with shame and weakness. We downplay any psychological or physical problems. Ignoring these problems until it’s too late.

I’ve unknowingly had depression for years; I bit my lip and carried on with life thinking I…


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We all drink “cure” our social anxiety.

This always ends badly for those who can’t control their drinking. People like you and I.

In a bid to escape an awkward situation I’d drink myself silly. Then awaken the next day with a more incredible feeling of anxiety. Every time I’d go back to alcohol. I truly believed all my worries would fade away with the next drink.

At the time, I never realised that alcohol wasn’t helping my anxiety. Actually, the heavy drinking over a long time, was increasing the anxiety.

Now in sobriety, my anxiety has somewhat disappeared. I…

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In a turn of events, Onlyfans have back-peddled on their crazy idea to ban sexual content.


Meaning that sex workers were pointlessly upset and left feeling let down by the platform. Is this what caused Onlyfans to backtrack and decide to allow the sex workers of the platform to continue publishing their sexual content?

Maybe it was, or maybe it was an incredible marketing technique?

Think about it, for the past week, the internet has been awash with articles explaining the terrible decision of Onlyfans. …

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It’s the indy writers, the ones who don’t give a fuck about your opinion. The ones who want to shout from the rooftop and tell their stories. These are the people who aren’t overly fussed about grammar; they just want to tell a damn good story — the ones who have lived crazy, unpredictable lives and use this platform as a form of therapy.

You can’t deny that this is what makes Medium great! People can publish pretty much whatever they like, and it doesn’t get moderated or edited. It is there, in its raw form. Ready to make you…

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Narcissists are magical creatures that lure you into a world of perfection. They appear to be; charming, confident and charismatic. It’s all a lie to lure you into a false state of comfort then manipulate you.

They say if it’s too good to be true, it probably is.

And to be honest, a relationship with a narcissist is too good; if you’re with one now, run as fast as you can. Believe me when I say that the start of the relationship is perfect, during this time you’ll experience “love bombing”.

“This is characterised by excessive attention, gifts, affection, admiration…

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Think about it. Singers warm up their vocal cords, athletes stretch their muscles before beginning a race, artists sketch. But we writers expect to be able to sprint out of the starting gate without warming up and wonder why we constantly lose. Using a journal enables the brain and the body to get ready for the main event. When journaling, it doesn’t matter what you say. To be honest, you could write sentences that don’t make sense. Why the hell not? It’s fun and freaky. Or you could write about your boring life, or dreams and ambitions.

The subject doesn’t…

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