From Party Animal, to Sock Drawer Organiser

Debunking the myth of a boring sober-life

Liam M


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Sobriety noun

Definition: The science of replacing cocktails for herbal teas. The cosmic shift that turns your social life into a deserted island. Prepare to trade wild nights for exhilarating evenings of organising your sock drawer.

Many people still believe that giving up alcohol will turn them into the human embodiment of beige. It is this very belief that can perpetuate your drinking habits.

Is this fear justified or is it society’s obsession with alcohol that makes everyone believe it?

It’s definitely the latter.

I knew I had a toxic relationship with alcohol. It was this very fear that kept me drinking. How could I be the charming, funny, party animal without alcohol? Without alcohol, I would become a party pooper. A stripped-down, more boring version of the person I wanted to be.

But now sobriety has shown me how ridiculous this belief is. It is this distorted logic that destroys lives and strips people of finding their true selves. Why would quitting alcohol remove the personality traits you currently possess?

Your sobriety journey is already terrifying. You don’t need to heighten the fear with any of these nonsensical beliefs. Sure, you may want to stay home and bake a cake instead of going to a party. But that doesn’t mean you’re boring. It just means you find enjoyment in something rewarding. In fact, this could be a sign that you’ve outgrown the superficial charm of drinking.

The assumption that you become boring when you become sober couldn’t be further from the truth. Of course, you remove yourself from the late nights and hungover mornings. You may find yourself leaving parties early to get an early night to ensure you are fresh for your yoga session in the morning. Some may perceive this as boring. BIsn't this a sign that you're opting for self-improvement and well-being rather than damaging your body?

In reality, the choice to become sober is incredibly empowering.

Alcohol-dominated lives involve dramatic highs, foolish displays, and unfriendly behaviors, masking inner emptiness and despair.



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