You do Not Control Your Thoughts

Your brain makes up its mind ten seconds before you realise it

Liam M


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Once you begin meditating, you will realise how chaotic your mind really is.

You close your eyes, start to concentrate on your breath. Then you see the actual colour of the mind. You will then be bombarded with constant thoughts. Every thought possible will be at the forefront of your mind. Anything negative your mind can conjure up will become prevalent. You should realise you really have no control over this. As you try to concentrate on your breath, your mind has better ideas. The harder you try to control your thoughts, the harder it becomes to tame them.

Now, do you realise how out of control your mind really is? It is a rambling maniac, you do not control it or the decisions it makes for you. The next time you decide on something, your subconscious may have already decided for you.

“Your brain makes up its mind up to ten seconds before you realise it” — Kerri Smith.

This next thought that just appeared. Do you really believe you had control over that? No, the mind is an untamed beast that governs you and your day to day life. You really have very little control over it, if any at all. It is somewhat similar to having a clone follow you around, rambling nonsense in your ear 24 hours of the day.

That voice following you around, there really is no escape from it. This is the voice that makes your decisions. The voice that pops up and tells you if you fancy ice cream. This is the voice you battle with over your choices.

On a subconscious level, the brain has already made this decision for you.

“A study has shown that some decisions exist in our brains long before we consciously make them, suggesting we may have less control over our personal choices than we think” — Source: Xinhua.

So next time, you’re questioning whether you really want that last cookie. Remember, the decision has already been made. You just don’t realise it yet. Your subconscious will only push that thought into your conscious mind. Making you believe that you made that decision.

Just don’t try and fight it. Eat the cookie.



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