Medium is Getting Spammed With Crypto Scammers

My account was copied. Yours may be at risk too!

Liam M
2 min readJul 28, 2022


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I just woke up to a slew of notifications from myself. Some idiot copied my profile and commented underneath my articles. Of course they were going to get reported. This is by far the most aggressive, and stupid attack I have seen.

Notifications after the attack

Most comments had 15+ responses and hundreds of claps. This impostor has been busy commenting under multiple articles. Whilst copying and attacking other popular writers. I’m didn’t realise I was big enough on Medium to get copied. I just need to call my mum quickly and tell her I made it!

Thankfully, none of the messages were too personal or sensitive, they were clickbait crypto comments. So nobody was offended.

Regardless of the content, it is still a violation of my privacy. I reported the impostor to Medium, it took them about 2 hours to remove the account.

I would urge everyone to be vigilant about who they are interacting with on Medium. If you are unsure about someone’s identity, do not click on the links they provide. I will never push strange websites and definitely won’t add hyperlinks with ridiculous offers.

Medium verification is the future

Other social media sites verify their users. Confirming you are the real you and not an impostor. So why doesn’t Medium do this?

I think it would be great if Medium implemented such a feature. They already have our details, so why not add a tick to prove we are legit?

It wouldn’t take long to write the code. Plus it will add security to the website, whilst preventing people from being scammed.

If you come across this impostor, please report them to Medium.

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