If I were to ask if you are happy. What would you say?

Liam M
2 min readJan 27, 2021


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If I were to ask if you are happy. What would you say?

Chances are you’d lie and say ‘yes’. You must realise that your perceptions of happiness are ruining everything. Your happiness may be holding you ransom?

What do I mean by this? It’s a curious state we all live in. We are forever chasing happiness, letting our brain tell us little lies to keep us going. Becoming wise about your emotions is key to a happier life.

So when will you be happy?

When you’ve achieved the perfect physique and your health is perfect. When everything falls in place perfectly. Only then you’ll be happy?

Why do you keep telling yourself that happiness is only a few steps away? That it won’t be long until everything will be solved. One more step and happiness will arrive.

Whatever your goals are in life. Stop waiting for happiness. The journey must become your main focus. Focus on the quality of adventure, rather than the destination.

You’ve wasted every moment waiting to arrive at this destination.

Stop! This is the destination, you have already arrived. Embrace this moment.

Realize that this moment is the time to be happy. The moment right now is it.

Recognising this fact can lead to a more fulfilling life. Recognise your need to live in this moment.

Stop letting your thoughts hold your happiness ransom, stop awaiting the next moment of happiness.

Embrace existence. Cherish your life. This is your life. The only you have.

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